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Who we are

Sat-Link, a neutral Telecommunications Service provider via satellites for Voice, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), Internet applications and Broadcast services, for PTT’s, ISP’s, Teleco Operators and Broadcasters around the world. Solutions include the satellite space segment, the 24 hours Teleport and Network Operating Center.




Our satellite solutions

Since 1998 we have been committed to providing satellite solutions to meet customer needs. These solutions include a satellite space segment, 24-hour Teleport and NOC (Network Operating Center) services, and a backhaul to the major carriers in case the required satellite link is a clear channel for Voice (SCPC/SCPC), or to the IP Port into major Tier 1 ISP’s and the IP addresses if the required link is for VOIP or Internet. We also provide our customers with a dedicated Bandwidth and Confirmed Information Rate (CIR).