Internet Services:

operates a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Platform by using encapsulation technology at our Teleport. This DVB platform could be Simplex (receive only), Duplex, or asymmetrical from point to point, or point to multi-point. This service is scalable from 64Kbps to 155 Mbps. The MAC address of the DVB receiver and the equipment specifications are the key factors in assigning the required capacity at every Distant End Earth Station. The return channel from the Distant End Earth Station is always SCPC. This service is now known as DVB/SCPC..

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SCPC/SCPC Service:

The Single Channel Per Carrier service is required by Voice Operators, mainly PTTs’ and Major carriers. The CSPC is ideal for Voice applications, where quite a few factors (the satellite coverage, the antenna size, and equipment specification) can determine the best quality. The High ASR of the SCPC services on both ends of the circuit, and the SCPC usage of dedicated bandwidth are essential for the PTTs’ and Major Carriers.

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System Integration:

Sat-Link is able to assist its customer in designing the right solution for the required application. Our qualified engineers are available to respond to our customers' requirements for a site survey, install the equipment, implement and commission the complete Earth Station within the Middle East and African regions.

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